I am having trouble Verifying my Email Address

Problem: I click on "Verify Email" link in the email I received and the OhanaLink app just askes me to log in.

This can result from 2 issues:

1) You attempted to accept the verification email on a PC or other device that is NOT the smartphone you are running OhanaLink on.  Open the verification email on your phone and click on the verify email and you should get verified, unless you also have the issue listed below.
2) You have received multiple verification emails (perhaps by clicking 'send another verification email' link) and you are not using the newest link. Older links will not work to complete the verification.  The best step here is to request a new email and wait for it to arrive to your phone, then click on the link in that email.

If you have not received a verification email at all, check your spam folder to see if it was redirected there. Also check that you entered the correct email address as well.

If none of the above is the issue, please contact us for assistance.